Jamstack Today

It turns out that this site is almost built using JAM Stack. There’s not much JavaScript or API usage, but it’s definitely Markup.

Deployment was on an NZ based hosting company; that felt right as a site based in NZ. However after a day poking AWS Linux 2 instances with a stick, I’m not overjoyed at any home sysadmin. Happily, companies like Netlify and Zeit have popped up so this site is now deployed at Zeit.

Onboarding was very easy - I added Zeit support via GitHub. Zeit worked out that this site is based on Jekyll and started hosting it accordingly. I chose to migrate the DNS to Zeit, which meant adding some other records back via the CLI. I’d probably look into ANAME support next time. The CDN performance from Sydney is very good. Fetching the entire front page from cURL takes 0.33 seconds.

I’d optimised Google Analytics in the last deployment; a cron job fetched the analytics script and allowed that to be served locally. Access logs were also kept for experimenting with log analytics, like it were 1999.

Next I need to:

  • write blog posts

  • look at some of the supported APIs. Will be interesting to see what analytics options appear. I also have a form backend existing on Heroku that feels like a chore to maintain.

In theory, pushing to master should make this post appear. Update: it did appear! I still hate checking built artifacts into source control, so I’m happy with the lag in generating the site. It’s also amazing that these services are free.

(Apologies to Lewis Carroll for the title)

-- DevOps New Zealand